Kissing Crane Parker North/South Ltd Ed. Stag Knife Set

This is an old limited edition Parker Frost North South knife set. Knives are titled "Lee and Grand and Their Troops" and were handmade by Kissing Crane of Germany for Parker Knives. This set was made in 1976 and was limited to just 1500 sets, and sold then for $220.00. That was a lot of money 30 years ago for a knife set! Each of these knives has a matching serial number of 0383. This is a beautiful set of four whittler knives, each with genuine stag handles, shield with either the Confederate or US flag; mirror polished main blades, brass liner and pinched nickel silver bolsters and pins. The quality on these knives is outstanding. Main blades are mirror polished and etched. The two larger knives are etched with General Grant and General Lee and the two smaller knives are etched "Billy Yank" and "Johnny Reb". The two larger knives are 4 ½" long closed with a 3 ½" main blade and the two smaller whittlers are 4" long closed with a 3" main blade. The two smaller blades in each knife have positive stops at the halfway opening point. Knives have very strong backsprings and these things really walk and talk! Knives come in a heavy metal presentation case. All knives are tang stamped Solingen Germany with the Kissing Crane logo and main blades are tang stamped "Limited Edition". After 30 years of storage, I won't classify these as mint, ... read more