KITTY CAT FACE raised relief intaglio vintage pendant

Vintage Round Cat Cameo.

This cat is just gorgeous with her little paw in front of her and her tongue just out of her mouth, she is precious. It dates back to the 1940s to 1950s. It looks just as good as when it was made.

This is a wonderful, vintage, and very hard to find raised relief intaglio cameo featuring an ebony black KITTY CAT FACE pendant. It is a raised relief black cat head mounted in a gold colored rolled edge brass setting. This is a beautiful and stunning old cabochon and the cat face is stricking.

This vintage cat piece is a 25mm round piece. It is in mint condition, very nice cat face, and the details in the cat are great. You can even see the details in the cat's fur! There are no scratches, breaks, or damage of any kind. This is a really beautiful piece and is quite a conversation piece when worn. It is perfect for the animal or cat lover, something vintage and unusual, and something you don't see much of anymore.

These cabochons were sometimes called intaglios, rosettes, reverse crystals or "Cabs". They date back to the 1940's and 1950's and are considered to be extremely rare and highly collectible. These "cabs" or cabochons contain intaglio images or scenes. Each piece was hand painted into a reverse carved image. These amazing pieces of art were first manufactured during the
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