Kitty Pryde by Alcides Pacheco - Ed Benes Studio

Purchasing this item, the customer will be getting 4 more arts, the same artist.

Condition: excellent

This is a fantastic original by Alcides Pacheco! an artist Ed Benes Studio.

Art measures 11"X 17"PENCIL and INK on cardstock .

$ 15 shipping to the United States.

$17 shipping to the Canada.

$19 is the cost of shipping to other continents.

Each additional art in the same package will have an additional cost of $1 dollar in the value of the Shipping.

We are investing in greater security in the packages, so the slight increase in shipping charges, all to provide a better job for you, our customers.

I accept Paypal,
art sent to you in any country!

Our packages is shipped inside a 2 great pieces of Styrofoam to protect very well the art and avoid the damages.

“Ed Benes Studio already launched several artists in the comic market, here presents extremely talented artists capable of producing incredible arts, learn new skills in a short time can be actively working in the comic market.

All our artists are Brazilian.”