KIZUNA BONDS OF LOVE Audio Drama CD Kazuma Kodaka yaoi

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Description "KIZUNA: You're All..." Audio-drama CD of "KIZUNA(Bonds Of Love)" yaoi/boy's love manga by Kazuma Kodaka, Japan-release. Featured Cast: Ryotaro Okiayu(Ranmaru), Kazuya Ichijo(Kei), Ryo Horikawa(Kai), and Akio Ootsuka(Masanori). Contains 8 audio drama tracks and 1 vocal song track by Ryotaro Okiayu.
Medium: CD Manufacturer: Marine Entertainment, Japan Release Year: 1998 Product Code: MMCM-3004 Items Included: Disc, Case,
Japanese booklet
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Condition This CD is PRE-OWNED and USED . The outer plastic case is lightly worn with some faint scratches and inner booklet got some light finger creases; otherwise, generally the CD is in good condition. Sorry,
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