KKK Skull Fraternity Pin Gold Colored With Red Eyes

First of all, I want to say that I personally am not a KKK fan, nor do I condone anything to do with the organization. In fact, I am completely against it. However, I do know that KKK items are considered by many to be an important part of black history. I found this item earlier this year back in a drawer in the house I moved into in small town, North Carolina. I don't think it is real gold, as it is not marked. The photo I took with my pathetic camera does not show details well at all, but the three black looking marks at the top of the skull read "KKK". Below the skull (which has red eyes) two gold keys are crossed. I did a little research, and the item seems to be referenced as a "fraternity pin". On the reverse side t are two tiny stars engraved. I honestly have no clue as to "value", so I am starting bidding at $9.99

If the item does not sell, I will actually be disposing of it, as I do not feel comfortable having it in my possession or on my property. I am completely KKK uncomfortable, if that makes any sense! I am hoping the buyer will not be pro KKK. I am hoping the buyer will be an anti KKK person who wants to get these items off the market. I hesitate to even list this item, as I do not want to receive any negative communication from anyone. If I do, then I will simply remove the listing. Thank you, and please
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