is another EVIL GENIUS from HELL. He has oxblood red glaze on the back of the head and a very real skintone shino glaze on the face.

This whiskey jug is over 10" high at the handle and 7" wide at the ears. It is made of stoneware and is very strong and functional. The burn of the fire was very fierce on this one, and the right eye has a few toasty brown stress cracks, they do not effect the function of the bottle and seem to enhance the general appearance of the demon. The eyes also have blue melted glass giving a nice contrast to that evil stare.

This bottle was made by Karen Labarga, a folk artist living in Plantation, Florida. It was made of stoneware and burned in a high fire reduction kiln. Please notice the photo of the bottom. T are two beautiful red drips that are sanded smooth.

The eyes and teeth are porcelain as is the skull stamp on the back.

The bottom is signed and numbered.

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