KL 15 .5" BLACK MAMMY FACE JUG, Southern Folk Art

Is this really a Sweet Black Mammy? Or could this be the most popular Voodoo Queen in New Orleans, known as Marie Laveau? She appears to be a bit formidable and has perhaps been hanging out with pirates!

Her hair is tied up in a scarf with her gold earrings hanging down the sides of her black cheeks. She wears a womanly white shawl over her large breasts and a white apron. From her waist hangs a large dagger and a gun in its holster. She's ready for anything. She holds a Labarga whiskey jug with a gold skull on it, in her hand.

This figure is a functional whiskey jug, made by folk artist Karen Labarga of Plantation, Florida. It is in perfect condition and has been packed away with the best jugs for our Holiday listings.

She is one centimeter short of 16" and approx. 12" wide at the elbows. On her back is the tidy little bow of her apron strings and a skull stamp on the shawl, stamps being typical to most Labarga works.

This well made piece of folk art would enhance any collection.

The bottom is signed and numbered and says "July 4, 2007" because that's when it was made.

Please email with any questions before bidding.

Thanks for looking.

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