Klangfilm Eurodyn 6KI L303 driver and horn

This listing is for a

single Klangfilm 6KIL303 driver and horn made by Siemens as used in the later Siemens Eurodyn system. Please take the few extra moments to read through my details on the speakers.The Klangfilm KIL303 and the Siemens 6KI L303 are both the same driver.The horn pictures will be loaded. I found this driver while clearing up one of my storages. I have had this for a while now.The driver is in good condition .The cover has a crack where the terminal is.It is visible in picture #3.The diaphragm is completely original with a few marks on the top of the diaphragm.The driver is in perfect working condition.

As you can see the driver is in good condition with a bit of paint dirt on one side of driver .Please have a good look at the photos.The diaphragm is original with a few marks on the dome but, no big issues.

This driver is in perfect working condition and comes with a horn and throat attachment to mount the driver.I have tested it and find no problems.

Please note the listing is for only one driver and Horn. I have another driver and horn in another listing that is presently running.

I can ship this item to all Russia regions airport - airport only via a international airline.Interested buyers kindly contact me for shipping details.

I would also like to add if you
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