Klaus Zenz Klaus Zenz (born 1963) a skilled cabinet maker lives and works in Wiener Neustadt/Austria. He uses only the finest Italian briar and German ebonite or cumberland for his stems,. although he does say he will make a acrylic stem if the customer demands it on a custom order.

I had watched Zenz's work for a few years before deciding to own one of his pipes. Everyone that I've heard speak of this mans craftsmanship or talk about how his pipes smoke had only glowing things to say. Also, I have to admit I have a certain weakness for well engineered and proportioned pipes. I'd looked at probably a few hundred of his pipes before buying one. I have to say in this situation I don't know what I was waiting on!

While his pipes are lovely to look at, they smoke even better to smoke. This pipe has been carefully smoked only a few times. It's size makes it a excellent traveling companion. I've only lightly cleaned and polished this pipe. The new owner will be able to clean it as they wish before smoking it. As you can see it won't need much.

The pipe has a easy draw. The stem work isn't just good but excellent. This is a pipe to not only be viewed but to enjoy smoking. Zenz is a true up and comer and his pipes are beginning to be higher priced. People around the world are recognizing Zenz's artist craftsmanship. This
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