Klepper 1978 Kayak Sales Brochure Aerius K3 Hammerhead

While cleaning out a basement filing cabinet, I found a treasure trove of late 1970's to early 1980's vintage fishing, hunting, scuba diving, canoeing and kayaking brochures. Up for auction presently are the four sets of kayak brochures, three on Klepper folding kayaks alone. I hope these old and interesting documents, catalogs and reference materials will find a home with collectors or historians with a real interest in the material presented. Unless noted below, all these brochures and advertising are in mint condition. For bidders winning more than one auction, shipping will be consolidated to save a few bucks on postage.

This is a 8 page four color 12 in. x 8.5 in. Klepper 1978 rigid and folding kayak brochure. All Klepper's entire 1978 foldboat and rigid kayak product line is covered by this brochure; the K3 Hammerhead, Tramp S, and Kamerad TS rigid kayaks and the Aerius II & Aerius 20 folding kayaks. This brochure is in about mint condition; as the postman delivered it in 1978. Also, with this set is included Klepper's 1978 price list/order form and their list of US dealers. For the avid Klepper paddler still paddling his/her Klepper bought in the 1970's, Klepper historian or collector, these brochures would be invaluable.