KLH 21 Radio - for parts or restoration (works!)

I bought this radio new back in the 60's. It was a faithful companion for many years. I dragged it across the US and Europe, in my duffle bag, while I was in the Army. Eventually, it got demoted to being the garage radio, w it got dirty and never waxed. Poor thing, I haven't got the heart to toss it in the dump. I hope somebody can get some use out of the old fella.

Condition: the finish of the outside is rough; the veneer is just starting to separate a tiny bit on the back corners. As you can see in the picture, the front's gotten splashed by some dirt. One day, I went to clean it, and started to pull the dial off, but managed to break a piece off of it. I gave up trying to clean it.

It still plays, but to my ear the bass gets a bit blurry if to turn it up to the maximum.

Take it AS IS, and good luck with it!

I'll set this up for USPS Parcel Post, but if you've got a suggestion for a better/cheaper method of shipping, I'm happy to accomodate.