Klon buffer Fredric Effects top quality boutique signal buffer

Fredric Effects are now offering Klon buffers in professionally powdercoated and screenprinted enclosures. Featuring the renowned buffer stage from the famous boutique overdrive pedal, these prevent treble loss caused by long cable runs and true bypass effects. Put it first in your effects chain and hear the difference. They measure a diminutive 53x38x31mm - that's small! All parts extremely top-notch: wima caps, metal film resistors, Neutrik or Lumberg jacks. If you're asking yourself "what is a buffer, what's it do, and do I need one?" here are a couple of useful resources online about what buffers do in your signal chain: http://www./case_against_true_bypass.html Also you can read "What does a buffer do?" here: /projects/15-boostersrouters/75-transistor-buffer-project
This auction is for one buffer. Choose white or black printing.
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