E. W. Knapp, 157th NY Infantry & Veteran Regiments, wounded at Gettysburg.

I am still without a scanner and had to photograph the letters. Sorry about that. With one exception the letters are clear and legible, one is slightly faded but still legible. There are Eight and a half letters from E. W. Knapp (full name was Epaphroditus Whitmore Knapp) of the 157th NY Infantry and later of Veteran units of the 2nd Battalion. The letters are to his wife and span 1863-1865. The one I call the half letter may be complete but there is no heading, so it could be part of a longer letter. Knapp talks of his stay in the hospital, his wound, and the deaths in the hospital, he talks about wanting to get into the Vet Units but that they may be closing down the recruitment of those, he mentions that those recruits are sent to the front and usually those sent to the front don't return, mentions Jeff Davis's escape and that the men who killed Lincoln are in prison in DC, talks about the battle going on in Petersburg, but I think he is not partaking, but hearing it from his hospital. His last letter was written in Brattleboro, VT and he tells his wife that while he was supposed to be mustered out and paid, it hasn't happened yet, and he will not leave without his pay as the paymaster might just put the money in his own pockets and pretend he paid Knapp, and, as he points out, how would he prove otherwise. Shipping and handling ... read more