Knapping Flint knife Obsidian knife Custom stone knife

The handle is made of elk horn and has an inlay around the median as well as the end cap.
This is an impressive large knife with lots of color.
This knife is 8 inches long and 2 inches wide at the widest.
T is a Zuni type inlay of stabilized stone and turquoise on the end cap and median ridge.. The lashing is real rawhide. The blade is made of see thru obsidian and has a dark streak across the blade. The knife blade is sharp and has a nice authentic looking scar pattern. The handle is made of elk horn.
I am new to ebay but I have been making stone knives and prehistoric reproductions for about 20 years. All of my products are signed so they will not be confused with actual artifacts. I use the " Overstreet Guide", which is an appraisal book for real artifacts, to copy my reproductions from.
You may return the item you purchase from me if you are not satisfied.
Disclaimer: These knives are ment for adult use only. They are sharp and can be dangerous. These knives are fragile and will most likely break if dropped or mishandled . I use natural materials w possible
such as antler and stone. On knives with inlay, the inlay is made of stabilized turquoise and other natural and faux stone.
Please save me in your list of favorites as I plan to offer more knives soon.