knee high, faux suede, leopard CARRINI BOOTS size 8

CA Collection by Carrini...These leopard spotted, knee high boots have an unusual, 3.5" stack-barrel heel. The top of the heel is wide, almost wedge like. The bottom is as thin as most pumps.

These boots come to just below the knee and have a 3.5" cuff at the top. The zipper only runs ankle to shin, up the inside of the leg. They run a little small. My personal recomendation is to visit my store and see if I have a pair 1/2 size bigger in stock. I had to choose a larger pair (9) for mine, the 8.5 felt a little tight. It would have been fine with stockings or dress socks, but not sock socks.

I gladly combine shipping on anything won or purchased over a 10 day period, so why not visit my store and see what else I have for you???