Knife Collection - 43 US Presidents

New, never has been used.

The reason I'm selling is that it was a gift that was not appreciated.

I have a set of 43 knives with the face and year of presidency in a case. Each knife is 4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. The blade is 3 inches long. It has a lock for the blade. Each knife is wrap in a clear wrapping paper for added protection.

Each has an emblem of a flag in the upper left, with a picture of the president, another picture of a flag.

This starts, his name, his number position as president and the years of his reign. with the 1st president George Washington (1789-1797)to the present president George Bush (2001-).

It comes in a black attache case for easy carrying.

Included is 2 lapel pins. One has an American Flag and the other has the an eagle with 50 stars all around it. I would think that it was a president seal.

I will put the weight of this to 25 lbs with the case.