Custom made by Larson Forge & Finish. The blade is hand forged to silhouette from D2 steel, worked to about 90%, hardened, oil quenched at 150 Deg. and than tempered. The blade is than hand finished and polished. It is 9 3/8 inches long overall and 4 7/8 inch from tip to handle and .132 in. thick at the handle. It is convex ground with a zero edge. It has our makers mark etched into the blade. This knife was hand made by my son working in his forge shop in Meadowlands Minnesota and is one of a kind.
This one is made from D2 steel
D-2 is a high carbon, high chromium heat treatable tool steel intended for applications requiring high wear resistance.
The blade is thinner and lighter than our usual offerings and my son says is much harder to work.

is a Nessmuk style knife with Australian Lacewood scales It is a classic design made with modern materials the old fashioned way. This knife is first class all the way. The handle mounting hardware is inlet into the wood and the scales are removeable for cleaning. And it is very sharp.


Keep this knife oiled or waxed and it will last a lifetime.

Made by a skilled craftsman out of the best materials. The quality of the work and materials on this knife is second to none. Check our feedback. Thanks for looking. NO SHEATH. We have
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