Knife Making Blank "S" Series Blade San Mai Custom Damascus Folder SMC15A B4

San Mai Custom Damascus Linerlock


One the the nicest designs for high end knife finishing. This is a stainless laminated San Mai damascus. Two stainless damascus billets laminated on a core carbon steel. The damascus is 67 layers. We attached STAINLESS sculpted bolsters to accent the damascus pattern. These have an intelligent file work design on the spine. Linerlock mechanism. Steel frame with two 3/32" pin holes per side. Use rod or screw to fix handles. Open overall length 6 1/4". Closed length 3 1/2". Cutting edge 2 1/2". Handle area 2 3/4" x 1".

Attached thumb stud. Upper spine thumb grooves and sharp. Ready for sharpening.

San Mai generally refers to knives with the hard steel hagane forming the blade's edge and the iron/stainless forming a jacket on both sides. In stainless versions, this offers a practical and visible advantage of a superb cutting edge of modern Japanese knife steel with a corrosion resistant exterior. In professional Japanese kitchens, the edge is kept free of corrosion because knives are generally sharpened on a daily basis. We use this same steel on several of our damascus folders and sport knives.

Business Opportunity and Profitability

We have hundreds of small businesses putting custom handles and reselling our blades and making a good income. I'm often
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