Knights of Malta Church Robe Tunic

Up For Your Consideration Is this Knights of Malta Church Robe Or Tunic.
Length: 54" from the seam at the bottom of the collar to the bottom of the hem
Chest: 33.5" from armpit seam to armpit seam of the back
Sleeve Length: 20" from armpit seam to the end of the cuff
This robe is in excellent condition with only a few light tan streaks at the very tip of the cuff from wear. HISTORY:

The Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (to give their full name) were formed long before their reign on Malta. The Order was originally established in 1085 as a community of monks responsible for looking after the sick at the Hospital of St. John in Jerusalem. They later became a military order, defending crusader territory in the Holy Lands and safeguarding the perilous routes taken by medieval pilgrims. The Knights were drawn exclusively from noble families and the Order acquired vast wealth from those it recruited

The Knights came to Malta in 1530, having been ejected from their earlier home on Rhodes by the Turks in 1522. Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor, gave them the choice of Malta or Tripoli as a new base. Neither was to their liking, but nothing, they thought, could be worse than Tripoli.
Having chosen Malta, the Knights stayed for 268 years, transforming what they called 'merely a rock of soft
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