Knights of Columbus Ceremonial Sword

Knights of Columbus Ceremonial Sword

This is a ceremonial sword with a carbon steel blade. The sword is 34 inches (overall) and 27 inches for the blade alone. It has an ornately cast cross guard with leaf, dove and globe motifs. The pommel has a bust cast of Christopher Columbus. The blade is a simple oval shape blade with beautiful decorative accents etched into the top half of both sides of the blade. The metal-toned scabbard has a highly ornamented locket and chape.

Solid, made by Deepeeka, one of the best known names in reproduction weapons. Head and shoulders better then the cheap Pakistani or Chinese show pieces sold at similar prices. Hammer forged, constructed with a full length tang, forged tang (not welded). The blades are 5160 carbon steel, heat treated to a medium, working temper. I consider it strong enough for stage and re-enactor contact but would not recommend it for full contact live steel combat. As with any weapon, the suitability or unsuitability for any use is the responsibility of the user. No use whatsoever is endorsed. The sword is new, no problems. Blade is not sharp as shipped but can be sharpened.


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