FCB KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS CEREMONIAL SWORD & SCABBARD. With sword in scabbard , it measures 36 1/2 inches from tip of scabbard to top of sword handle. The 28" blade has Knights of Pysthias engraved in scroll-type lettering on one side with chevrons (like an army private 1st class would wear on his/her sleeve) and leaf-type designs on both sides of the chevrons. The other side of the blade has the two chevrons and the leaf-type of designs engraved on it but no wording. T is some slight age-like discolorarion on the balde but no rust. T is a plaque on one side, w the handle meets to top of the blade with the letters FCB over the figure of a knight on a horse with a sword extended and the letters KP under the horse and rider. The other side has a smaller plaque with no wording on it. The handle is somewhat shiney, has some wear-marks on it but no cracks. At the top of the handle is the helmet of a knight with a falcon-looking bird on it and a chain attached to a ring under the chin of the helmet. Helmet turns slightly but does not come off. Chain is not attached to loop on the lower part of the handle. Scabbard appears to be brass with two rings near the top and the raised figure of a standing knight between the two rings and several different engravings on the same side of the scabbard above and below the standing knight. I have

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