Knitting pattern: Sylvanian Families clothes 'Rustic'

This is a new printed paper pattern for hand-knitting traditional rural-style clothes for Sylvanian figurines, designed by myself .
The pattern has eight detailed pages A5 size giving instructions for knitting clothes for regular sized families of your Sylvanian world. The clothes will also fit Calico Critter and Forest Family characters of medium size. You will need to be an relatively experienced knitter to make these clothes, not because they are very complicated but the tiny scale and thin needles demand some skill.
Father Rabbit is shown wearing the jacket, baggy trousers (with a tiny pocket!) and a hat which accommodates his long ears. Little boy rabbit wears the child-sized version and his skunk cousin has a dress and pull-on hat. The pattern also gives details of a cute outfit for a crawling baby - a little hat (which also has holes for ears) and a tiny pair of trousers.
To knit these outfits you need lace-weight 2-ply yarn for the jackets, dress and hats, and 1-ply or 2 strands of embroidery thread for the baby's trousers. Dad's trousers are knitted in regular 4-ply sock yarn; and tiny buttons complete the outfits.
All the clothes can be put on and taken off and will delight young Sylvanian owners. The vertical gaps in the hats for long ears can eaily be omitted although I suggest you complete a hat for
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