Knitting pattern: Sylvanian Families clothes 'Boots'

This is a new printed paper pattern for hand-knitting boots and socks for Sylvanian figurines, designed by myself .
Sylvanian Families figurines rarely, if ever, come with their own socks and shoes so to prevent their feet getting cold I decided to design some footwear. This printed pattern has eight detailed pages A5 size giving instructions for knitting boots and socks for various sized families of your Sylvanian world. The footwear will also fit Calico Critter and Forest Family characters. You will need to be an relatively experienced knitter to make these clothes, not because they are very complicated but the tiny scale and thin needles demand some skill.
All the boots and socks can be put on and taken off and will delight young Sylvanian owners.
You will need two pairs of needles size 1.5mm (old UK size 17) and 1mm (old size 19) to complete the wardrobe of clothes. For yarn, use 1ply or 2ply machine knitting yarn, as fine as you like, and I used 1ply cobweb yarn for the biggest stripey socks.
You can see the complete range of my patterns on my website www.; and I am very happy to send to all overseas addresses.
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