Knowles, Taylor & Knowles Vintage China Jug Vase Hand Decorated - Gilded Handle

Simply Gorgeous! A Knowles Taylor & Knowles, East Liverpool, Ohio, China Jug Vase, hand decorated by Kattie in 1902. On a pleasing light green background are hand painted darker green rose leaves, topped with beautiful roses, so natural looking, you want to pick one up. A less elaborate design continues on the back, no details have been missed, even the opening rose bud, and the other one just await its time to open. The handle and the top are gilded. A small chip on the back of the vase is shown in the next to last photo. The vase is signed and date by the artist, and KT&K trademark are on the base. Height 7-1/4" - 4-3/4" at the widest point, and 2-3/4" base

Just received an Email telling that the handle appears to have a crack on the handle, upon further investigation I can see it, so sure enough, it has a crack. I had not noticed it at posting time.