Knute Rockne of Notre Dame signature on program 1931

First Annual Community Football Banquet sponsored by the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce February 6, 1931 program. Signed by Knute Rockne.

If my smidgen of research is accurate, Knute Rockne died just over a month later in a plane crash. His sons lived in Kansas City. My grandparents lived t My grandfather, long-deceased, went to this function, according to my father who is also deceased, and got this signature.

I have only marginal interest in sports. But I do appreciate that this should probably be better taken care of than it has been I found in the bottom of a box of old photographs and paperwork from my parents.

The program is pretty beat up, but seems to be complete. It appears to me that the inside of the program was removed and add to the back. Knute Rockne signed over his image. T is an ink scribble on the front of the program and the bottom right hand corner is torn and missing.T were three staples holding the program together. The top staple is missing. The page with the autogaph appears dirty. It appears to have been signed with a fountain pen. The scribble on the front is ballpoint, so added much later, I think.

I can not guarantee authenticity another than anectdotally, but I do not doubt that it is real. My grandfather was fairly well heeled and connected, and I have a number of signed items

I have no idea of value on this, as I can find nothing like it in quick internet searches, so the market will decide.

I am including scans of all of the pages.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

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