Kodak Ektachrome EIR

This listing is for one roll (1) of Kodak Ektachrome EIR infrared color slide film in 35mm, 36 exposures.
The roll comes as seen on the first picture with the box.
This film expired in 1999 but it has been kept deep frozen for its entire life and before the expiration date.
I've been using it myself with terrific results and I've included a few pictures I've taken with it recently. The film works perfect and I can't notice any issue with it.
This film can be developed with E6 chemicals and its 200 ISO.
Please be careful when handling this film, it requires special care. It must be kept frozen, it can't be stored at temperature room or refrigerated, it must be in the freezer.
Film requires the use of a filter like the B+W IR Filter #099 or Deep Yellow Tiffen N.12.
The film must be loaded and unloaded in total darkness and it must be develop within a few days after used it.
Please check your camera's compatibility with infrared film, some SLR cameras like the Nikon N80/N75 can't be used with infrared film, they use an infrared light to count the film advance and this can cause fog on images.
I strongly recommend to the buyer to download the manual from Kodak's website and read it carefully before using it.
Due the nature of this film, I'm unable to accept returns because I can't have control
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