KODAK Premo No.8 Vintage Folding Plate Camera

This is a KODAK Premo No. 8 Vintage Folding Camera. It is c.1913 and in EXCELLENT CONDITION! it is for 3 1/4 X 5 1/4 exposure son either plates of sheet film. It has a spring back and rear ground focusing glass. Glass is new! Nice large EKC lens and shutter! Shutter works well! Super large finder is a collapsible folding finder. Neat design! All leather is intact and looks good. Minor wear. Bellows are soft, pull out smoothly and looks great! They show minor wear. Original leather handle is intact. Nice PREMO badge still intact on top! Beautiful camera! The lens height is adjustable. Original film plate holder comes with this auction. A fine one to add to your collection!