Kodak Retina II (Type 011) 35mm Camera With Case

Kodak Retina II (Type 011) 35mm Camera (#114013) With Case. The body of the camera is in very good condition. The leatherette is clean and intact with some slight wear. There is a indentation on the back door right above the 'e'. The chrome is very clean with only some slight marks. The rangefinder is bright and clean and the focusing works well. The shutter fires although the slower speeds seem to be a tad off. The button on top to fire the shutter does not work but you can fire the shutter by depressing the lever to the side of the lens. The Ektar 47mm f/2 lens is fairly clean with some marks on the rear element. The aperture also works fine. The rest of the mechanics including the advance, rewind, and folding mechanism all work perfectly. The brown leather case is worn and the metal is broken on the bottom. It is still usable.

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