Koehler Coal Mine Flame Safety Lamp #209 Vintage NR

Flame Safety Lamp

This auction is for one Koehler Mfg. Co. Permissible Miners Flame Safety Lamp, Approval No. 209 .

This type of lamp has been used for years in coal mines and other hazardous environments to detect the presence of explosive methane and other flammable gasses, and also for testing for oxygen deficiency. Naptha fuel is burned on a wick in a glass enclosure, with brass gauze ventilation ports. If a flammable gas such as methane is present, the flame burns higher, alerting the miner. If oxygen content is decreasing in the atmosp, the flame height decreases, alerting the miner. The brass gauze inside the upper bonnet prevents the flame from escaping the enclosure of the lamp, preventing ignition of the methane in the atmosp, which would otherwise create a fire or explosion hazard if it was an open flame.

This lamp is used, and in fair to average condition for a lamp of this vintage. This lamp has definately been used in a mine. T is a brass tag attached with "M E" stampde on it, which is probably the initials of the person who used the lamp. The whole body has scratches and dings from use, and the upper bonnet and top flange are somewhat bent. The glass has a small chip, but is not cracked or broken. The igniter turns and sparks. It is about 9 inches tall and 3.5 inches diameter, and includes
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