Koehler Wheat lamp mining hunting light

You are bidding on a Koehler Model 5200 Wheat lamp. I am the original owner of this Wheat Lamp and have used it for years caving underground. Everything is included with this light that is shown in the pictures. This includes the light, a almost new (used 3 trips) SEALED NiteLite 4 volt 15 amp hour gel battery, a spare glass lens, a Halogen bulb plus the original bulb, the charger, a medium battery belt (will fit a waist size of 25 to 46 inches) and a helmet light bracket. I want to tell you about the battery that is so much better than the original. This is because the Wheat battery would leak because t are vent holes in the top of the battery so it could vent when charging the battery that had acid in it. I bought this battery from Hunt Smart as a replacement because I wanted a long burn time underground and a battery that didnt leak when I crawled around. This battery is filled with gel instead of leaky acid. I have taken great care of this light and it was always cleaned and dried after cave trips. I tried to show the scratches in the pictures but they are only cosmetic. The Koehler 5200 was made very well since it is a OSHA approved mine light. I have never had any problems with it and am selling it because I dont go caving like I used too. This light and charger are still sold and are over 400 dollars new. These style of light ... read more