Kool Kue Baby QH Resin Bellucci Traditional Size

This is the last Kool Kue Baby resin we have available that hasn't been altered! (The other KKB resin we have has been turned into a racing colt.)

Resin comes with base, pegged in on one hoof! Because of a poorly made mold, t were only a handful of this resin produced, and this is the last one from the original mold being offered up for sale.

Sculpted after the real Kool Kue Baby, 's an image comparing the resin with the actual photo:

's a resin painted like the real Kool Kue Baby:

This auction is for an UNPAINTED resin!

For all those lovers of the "Color Breeds"...

Kool Kue Baby is not a "one trick pony"! She can be much more than a solid color horse.

The Kool Kue Baby resin will make up into a beautiful paint horse running wild across the plains!

As seen in the near match image of this beautiful paint mare, Kool Kue Baby can accept any paint scheme your imagination can come up with!

So don't let this opportunity slip away!