Korean masks boxed set 32 pcs. collection OLD/RARE/NR

A thing of beauty to look at, display and/or collect! Truly a RARE find!

These masks are miniature replica of the traditional life-size Korean masks that were used by performers in Korean dance and drama; and also in religious rites. T are a total of 32 miniature masks in this auctioned collection. Each mask in the collection has a unique, highly detailed, HANDPAINTED design (SEE: Second and third photos below). Each design represents persons, animals or supernatural beings. Dimension of each mask piece: 1" Wide x 3/8" Deep x 1 1/8" Long. The photo above and (first one) below includes a U.S. quarter. The coin was included to show the relative size of the items.

The collection is presented in a deep/shadow box (SEE: First photo below). Each mask in the box is fastened to a burgundy-colored velvet-like fabric. The masks are further protected with a cloth padding - built-in on the inside of the box top - which lightly press down on the mask when the box is closed (SEE: Photo above). The box is hinged at the back with the box' covering material. The box is closed with a traditional Korean box clasping device: two sliver of ivory-like material inserted in an O-ring loop (SEE: Fourth photo below). The fabric covering the exterior (top and sides) of the box has a repeating pattern design of silvery-greenish ovals and squares.
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