Korean Yi FAN-shaped B&W Water Dropper 19th C Korea

Fine Yi 19th century fan-shaped water dropper , the top painted in underglaze cobalt-blue and copper-red with foliage, a flower and an approaching dragon-fly. A lso with cobalt-blue calligraphy on the four sides and copper-red accents on the two spouts, overall covered by a glossy clear glaze, wide 11 cm and high 3,5 cm, weight 152 gram. The base with sandy accumulations from the kiln and a large chip ( see picture 8)

Calligraphy in hanja (Chinese characters) and han'gûl (Korean script) alike requires the writer to use a water dropper. Before writing with a brush, one grinds an inkstick on an inkstone with a few drops of water to prepare the ink. Water droppers are used for the purpose and they take the form of a receptacle with one hole for filling and another for pouring.

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