Korg Pandora PX4D, Toneworks, Guitar Effects Processor.

Pandora PX4D

By Korg – ToneWorks Made in Japan .

Personal Multi-Effects processor.

I’ve owned this for a few years and not used it veryfrequently. It is in very good condition and includes it’s original box, ownersmanual and plastic belt clip. It does havea minor abrasion (that can be seen from a sideways glance) but is invisiblewhen looking at its display screen.

It is indeed a versatile multi-effect unit with a vastamount of guitar / bass amps (25 different types.. 15 guitar amps and 10 bassamps) and effects. The specifications list 158 types of effects variations and7 effects that can be used at the same time…. And it is easy to adjust effectssettings.

It has an auto-tuner (very handy and easily accessible)

I have found the backing rhythm and bass sound tracks (100of them)fantastically useful specially for developing my lead and rhythm guitarwork and it really can improve your guitar playing. Playing in the wrong key isno problem because you can change the key/pitch of these rhythm backing tracks.You can even change their tempo to a slower or faster backing track speed tosuit your ability/ taste in how you play the rhythm pieces.

The Pandora also has a Phrase Trainer Function where you canrecord a phrase from a CD and play it back more slowly until it has beenlearnt.
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