Korg Poly-800 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

This is a vintage polyphonic digitally-controlled analogue synthesizer with that authentic '80s sound. It's got 8 voices, patch memory, a basic sequencer, built-in digital chorus, and MIDI ins and outs. You can run it off D batteries and it even has pegs for wearing it with a guitar strap!
The instrument is in good cosmetic shape and decent working order, but has trouble staying in tune and the pitch-bend/modulation joystick works intermittently. All of the buttons work and you can select and edit patches. The sequencer works too. I've been told the tuning issues could easily be fixed with some quick soldering. As is it's still very useful for recording but not really reliable for performing with (unless you make experimental music).
This unit has been modified in two ways: the previous owner added a pitch bend knob that overrides the joystick (see pics). I also painted the whole thing electric blue, making this a unique and stylish addition to any synth arsenal.