KORIN Japanese Woodblock Print THREE PUPPIES 1930s

KORIN Japanese Woodblock Print THREE PUPPIES 1930s KORIN Three Puppies Date: c. 1930s; probably published by Hasegawa, collected by Robert O. Muller
Size: approx. 4" x 3"
Condition: VG, never framed, uncirculated print, "made in Japan" stamped in red ink on the verso; some minor thinning in the margins on the verso which doesn not effect the image area
Impression: VG, good registration, solid key lines, and nice surface texture
Color: Fine, deep saturated color and bleed through to verso
Provenance: from the estate of Robert O. Muller (see below for more information) ABOUT OGATA KORIN
Ogata Korin, (ca. 1657 - June 2, 1716), Japanese painter and lacquerer, was born in Kyoto, the son of a wealthy merchant who had a taste for the arts and is said to have given his son some elementary instruction tin. Korin also studied under Soken Yamamoto, the Kano school, Tsunenobu and Gukei Sumiyoshi; and he was greatly influenced by his predecessors Hon'ami Koetsu and Tawaraya Sotatsu. On arriving at maturity, however, he broke away from all tradition, and developed a very original and quite distinctive style of his own, both in painting and in the decoration of lacquer. The characteristic of this is a bold impressionism, which is expressed in few and simple highly idealized forms, with an absolute disregard for
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