Kosher Complete Sefer Torah Bible Scroll Parchment Case

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Kosher Handwritten Sephardic Complete Sefer Torah Scroll In A Solid Wooden Case, Judaica.

A complete Kosher handwritten Sephardic Sefer Torah scroll in a solid wooden case (Tik), Judaica.

This beautifully handwritten Sefer Torah was written on parchment (Klaf) by a Sephardic Sofer Stam (scribe) about 30 years ago.

Includes the 5 books of Moses - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy.

The scroll is in a very good condition.

The Torah is complete with no missing sections and all section tightly sewn with natural animal string.

Every column starts with the letter Vav.

The wooden case is beautifully decorated with the landscapes of Jerusalem and mounted with gilt bronze crown ornaments.

This Sefer torah was manually examined and checked, scanned and computer checked on December 2009 by "Bait Yaacov and Bait Yosef institution located in the city of Bnei-Barak, Israel, and confirmed to be Kosher for reading.

The Sefer Torah is accompanied by a Kashrot certificate, a full computorized report and a scanning CD issued by this institution.

We guarantee its Kashrus.

The case is 79cm / 31.1in high.

The scroll
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