Kre-O Hasbro G.I. Joe Cobra Terror Drome Playset A8604 new kreo sealed vhtf rare

This auction is for the Kreo GI Joe Cobra Terror Drome. It has never been opened.
Comes with:
1) Terror Drome set has 855 pieces to build G.I. Joe adventure.
2) Terror Drome has opening panels, rotating cannons and command room
3) Includes pieces to build Kreon figures of:
a) Serpentor,
b) Xamot
c) Cobra Scar Trooper
d) Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy
e) Gung Ho and
f) Blaine "Mainframe" Parker
Shipping Terms : I will ship using 2-3 day priority mail with tracking. I will ship to other countries using Priority International. I do not ship to Spain, Thailand, the Russian Federation, or countries in South America due to past experiences.