Krell KSA-50 Mark II Amplifier for repair.

is an old friend whose time it has come to say goodbye. I am the third owner of this legendary Krell KSA-50 Mark II Class A power amplifier. This amplifier is widely cloned by audio hobbyists for a very good reason: it is simply one of the best sounding audio amplifiers ever designed. Krell spares no expense with materials, components, or engineering.

Finding a KSA-50 MKII for sale or auction is a rare event. If you are handy with electronics (or know someone who is), you can put this unit back in service with very little effort. T is actually very little to be done. This amplifier lost the cooling fan in October, and I have been debating what to do with it ever since. I have recently moved on to an integrated theater system and have decided to let her go.

The second owner bypassed the fan's current limiting resistor in order to increase the air flow to the Class A output cluster. That was a good idea considering his semi-enclosed mounting arrangement. At the time of the modification in 1999, he installed a new fan and all new power supply filter capacitors at considerable expense. are all the issues with this unit:

1. This needs a new cooling device (original Pabst fan from Krell is priced at $250. I am certain that an equivalent cooling device can be sourced for much less).

2. It will need a new
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