U.S. BUYERS SHIPPING MEDIA $ 5.50 PRIORITY $ 7.00 ADDITIONAL RECORDS $ 1.50 . BOTH WITH A TRACKER. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS PAY ACTUAL COST ( ESTIMATE $ 16.00 - $ 17.00) ADDITIONAL RECORDS ( $5 ) COMBINED SHIPPING ALWAYS HONORED WITH MUSIC ITEMS ONLY . READ THIS CAREFULLY GATEFOLD COVER MINT INSIDE . RECORDS MINT/UNPLAYED. BUT THE OUTSIDE OF THE COVER SHOW RINGWEAR AND SMUGES. THE BOZO I BOUGHT THIS FROM AT A RECORDS SHOW IN THE 70`S WAS TO STUPID TO HAVE PLASTIC COVER ON THE ALBUMS . LABEL BELLAPHONE RECORDS 1973 GERMANY. CATALOG NUMBER BDA 7502 Q STEREO . PICTURES ON MON/TUES. Krokodil was a Swiss band that emerged in the late 60's as a blues-rock band that put progressive touches into their music. They were of German-Swiss extraction with bassist and guitarist Terry Stevens being the only foreigner in the band, coming form England. They were regarded as the Swiss version of the Groundhogs due to their first album. However, from their 2nd album Swamp they started to introduce a psychedelic sound to their music, a sound which is very much dominant on Invisible World Revealed. In that album they make use of mellotron, organ, harmonica and flute all backed up by an acoustic guitar which give the album an exotic and stoned feeling to it. The eastern and Indian influences in this album are present through the sitar and tabla in the

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