The South African Krugerrand from 2011 consists of 1 oz layered 24K � fine gold and is simply stunning and in mint condition with a case. The 1967 Krugerrand was the first year these coins were made and is the most sought after among collectors but also up to 1972 are highly collectable. � Having said that they have carried on making these coins due to the reason they are so collectably, beautiful and still have the exact same design. � Comes with a case as shown in the 4 pictures where you can see the stunning qualities of this ultra shiny beautiful coin. � � Dimensions 40mm diameter and 3mm thick and please note it is a layered coin and not a solid gold or it would be priced a lot higher (nearer £1000).Would make great gift, start to a coin collection or investment for someone. � Priced at 14.99 + postage, � a bargain at this price. � It will be posted recorded and tracked by the next day after payment (at a cost of � £2.50 UK and 8.00 and £9.00 for further postage areas) as i beleive this gives more protection on these kind of valuable items in the very unlikely event that it should go missing in transit. � Also I have added some different years of these stunning coins. � For categorised easier viewing visit the shop (RGnC) through the door at the top next to ID if you are new to ebay. � I have lots of other coins if you do not ... read more