A beautiful, well-kept collector's decanter. A must for fans of the University of Kansas Jayhawks & rare bottle collectors alike! It's been years since this hard to find bottle was available in stores. It was issued in 1971 as a tribute to K.U.'s beloved & enduring mascot: The Kansas University Jayhawk. The empty bottle and stopper "cap" are clean and in EXCELLENT CONDITION. T is no cork attached to the bottom of the cap. No cracks, chips or other visible damage. T are 6-8 very tiny spots (mostly on the neck of the Jayhawk & the base of the bottle) w a bit of paint has flaked off. I want to stress that the bottle itself is not chipped or damaged in any way! T is a small Kansas liquor stamp on the back of this bottle. T are also remnants of the Federal tax stamp on the Jayhawk's back & cap. (While this is a nice/clean bottle, it has been my intention to leave it in as close to original condition as possible. It has not been scrubbed, repainted or altered in any way.) The original, blue & gold "brand" label is still attached to the back of the base: "OLD Jayhawk / KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY / 86 Proof / 100 Months Old / 4/5 Quart / Bottled by Jayhawk Distilled Products Co. / St. Louis, Mo." This label is in PERFECT CONDITION. See photos for a close look at the actual item you will receive. We never use stock ... read more