KUKRI - AUTHENTIC British Gurkha Issue - NEW

Fresh shipment from Nepal. A few of my competitors are claiming to offer kukris from the ONLY supplier to the British Gurkha Regiment. 's the truth: The purchasing department for the British Gurkha Regiment purchase their kukris from the lowest qualified bidder just like our government does. This means that it's possible (but not likely) that all seller claims of authenticity are true. What is not true is that any seller is obtaining their kukris from the ONLY official supplier. The kukri offered is current issue to Nepalese Gurkha troops serving Great Britain. It is known as the Service No. 1 and is issued to all British Gurkha soldiers on enlistment who retain it throughout their army career. I bought this knife directly from Kathmandu from the only manufacturer and supplier of kukris to (all four) - the British Gurkha units, the Gurkha Contingent of Singapore Police, the Gurkha Reserve unit in Brunel and the Gurkha Museum in the UK. It is about 15" in overall length with a 10 1/2 " high carbon steel, wickedly sharp blade. If you are looking for a display piece w it can be touched it may not be appropriate. The grip is black polished buffalo horn. The blade is marked on one side with the year and place of enlistment and on the other side with the name (in Nepalese) of the Biswakarma metal smith who created it completely by hand ... read more