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One new Horolovar 400-Day Clock Temperature Compensating Pendulum Suspension Spring Unit 5E.

The unit consists of a top block, fork, and bottom block attached to a Horolovar temperature compensating pendulum suspension spring. Included with our unit 5E is a removeable pin for the bottom block to accomodate newer clocks equipped with a pendulum locking device. If your Kundo clock has a pendulum locking device, a fixed pin bottom block cannot be inserted into the pendulum.

With the included pin, Horolovar Unit 5E is interchangeable with Horolovar Units 5A, 5B, 5C, and 5D. Unit 5E also has an improved fork design which is lighter in weight and has a closed end that helps keep the tines from becoming bent.

This unit is designed and manufactured by Horolovar to fit and allow for proper regulation of all Kundo ( Kieninger und O bergfell) miniature movement clocks. These are the Kundo clocks measuring approximately 9" from bottom of base to top of dome or case. If you have an older Kundo miniature movement clock that does not have a pendulum locking device, and you prefer a fixed pin bottom block, just let us know, and we will switch out the loose pin bottom block for a fixed pin bottom block.

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