I inherited my parents' Brooklyn Heights estate which included many items from my grandparents and aunt. I have had the great pleasure of wearing many pieces of their jewelry and living in an extremely eclectic environment. I have sold many of their jewelry, decoratives and furniture on eBay. I have held off listing my aunt's collection of Asian glass, ceramics, cloisonné, art and statues because I know nothing about them.

To provide a little history, my aunt was a beautiful and exotic woman who trained and danced in the Martha Graham ensemble. She also had very a very eclectic style. Her jewelry was Art Smith and all the great modernists but her apartment was filled with many Jewish Russian paintings and sculptures, Haywood Wakefield furniture and beautiful Asian vases, figures, paintings and ceramics. I've tried researching her collection but quickly realized that it is an area I am totally unfamiliar with. I started listing her collection a couple of weeks ago and have been astonished that most of her pieces are being bought in the country they were made.

I remember this Japanese woodprint hanging in her bedroom. The back of the frame says: "Kunisada 1786-1864. " It is a triptych image of men (Samurai's?) on the upper level of a long boat and women on the lower deck. They all seem to be enjoying themselves. I
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