Kuripe, shamanic snuff self-applicator pipe, for Rapé/Hapeh Kambo Ayahuasca

Medium-sized kuripe. Handmade using only bamboo, waxed Irish linen threading, waxed leather cord, and non-toxic adhesive. Both ends have been sanded and smoothed for comfort and insides have been widened for the most efficient medicine delivery.
Measures approximately 4" from bottom to tip. Color scheme on this one is: dark brown, pale orange and dark rust threading
I try and design these in sizes that will ensure a good fit for most people. However, when ordering please keep in mind that everyone's facial anatomy is different, so be mindful if you prefer a smaller/shorter/longer/narrower (etc) applicator.
Please note, these items are all hand-made and so no two will be alike. There may be minor cosmetic variations in both the bamboo and the ornamentation that will not affect medicine application.
*If you are interested in rapé I also have various varieties, just inquire upon purchase. Thank you!
Rapé is a sacred and powerful (and legal) medicine originating in Brazil and Peru, which is used for profound healing and cleansing. It is made from various Amazonian medicinal plants, trees, seeds and vines, and most often Mapacho tobacco. It is applied using a kuripe (or tepi), blown through each nostril. In some traditions, rapé is used in conjunction with Ayahuasca or San Pedro during ceremony to help with grounding,
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