Kurzweil K2600 9GB Internal Hard Drive plus INSTALL KIT

This is a brand new 9GB SCSI Hard Drive for installation in a Kurzweil K2600 Keyboard (all models; K2600, K2600X, K2600S, K2600XS). This package includes the complete installation kit. The installation kit has 2 mounting brackets, a ribbon cable, internal power cable, machine screws, and instructions. A Hard Drive is vastly superior to a Zip Drive or floppy disks for saving your Kurzweil files. You can load and save Samples, Sounds, Sequences, and Master files to the Hard Drive. Files will load extremely fast from a Hard Drive. I have loaded thousands of high-quality Kurzweil samples on the hard drive. They are all .KRZ, .K25, or .K26 sample files, no wave files. Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, clean guitars, distorted guitars, basses, analog synths, digital synths, all the classic synths, Hammond B3s, Vox, Farfisa, Rhodes, Wurlitzers, clavinets, vocoders, grand pianos, voices, brass, orchestral instruments, percussion, congas, drum kits, loops, and more. This is a killer collection of samples. I have formatted the hard drive into four 2GB partitions and filled 90% of the first 2GB partition with samples, and filled the second 2GB partition 90% with samples.

I will ship the Hard Drive with the mounting brackets already attached. All you have to do is follow the simple installation instructions. I manufacture the brackets
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