KURZWEIL Model EGP Electronic Keyboard-Working Project

Kurzweil Model EGP (Ensemble Grande Piano) in good, used, working condition but has (2) keys that need attention. Get a Great Keyboard at a low discount starting price!

This keyboard is sold as-is! It has not be checked by a Technician or a player. It is a used school band keyboard. It does power up and most functions seem to be working as well as all keys-even the broken one and the one that's lifted. I do have the broken piece of the one key that I will send along>

From a Google search about the EGP:

"This keyboard has a pair of on-board speakers * It has stereo outs and MIDI connections and a headphone jack....also jacks for a sustain pedal and sostenuto pedal. The sostenuto pedal jack can be programmed to be a soft pedal jack. The keyboard action is very good. It has 76 pressure sensitive, plastic keys that are only semi-weighted, but they are very durable and cut down on the weight of the instrument (55lbs). The keyboard is "multitimbral" and up to 24 notes can be played at one time. Of course, t is a transpose function that is very easy to use and two tone wheels: "pitch bend" and "modulation". Also, t are on-board effects that are fairly useful: chorus, vibrato, and tremolo. Being MIDI capable, I guess you could say that it is expandable, but not in the sense that most modern keys can be expanded.
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