Kurzweil PRAM (P/RAM expansion board) for K2000 -- RARE

Fully tested (in my K2000R) and working perfectly, this P-RAM expansion board adds an additional 640K battery-backed Program RAM (not to be confused with sample RAM) to your Kurzweil K2000, K2000R, K2000S, or K2000RS -- allowing you to have many more user programs, setups, and sequences (not samples) loaded into your K2500 at thesame time. Total program RAM is increased to 760K from the stock 120K. And since it's battery-backed, these objects will stay in memory even after a power-cycle. This very useful expansion board has become quite difficult to find since it was discontinued by the manufacturer. Suggested retail according to the Kurzweil Legacy products page was $300 a few years ago.
Please note that this board requires soldering two wires onto the engine board of your Kurzweil, and it should be installed by an authorized Kurzweil service center ONLY. Please bid only if you plan to have it professionally installed , because I do not want to be held responsible in any way if you damage this working board or your Kurzweil keyboard in the process of doing it yourself. No installation instructions are included with this auction, just the board itself with wires as shown in my image. (FYI, the white wire needs to be soldered to node D1 and the green to node C15, in addition to the board plugging right into the engine board.)
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