Kustom 12a hybrid guitar amplifier head unit

For auction here is the head unit of a Kustom 12a guitar amplifier. The speaker is not included in this auction.
It is in full working order, the tube is a 12AX7B China unit , whic h came new with the amp and was working fine when I removed the head from it's cabinet. The amp has had very few hours use, and was working absolutely fine when it was removed from it's cabin et a month ago. I fired it up last week and it was still fine . I will run it prior to postage to be 100% cert ain you are receiving a fully functioning head unit.
Condition wise it is good. There are scratches on the unde rside of the chassis, and some marks around the screw holes where it was rem oved from the cabinet when I was experimenting with different valves. There is also some fading where the head mounted the cabinet. See last picture .
Overall a great sounding amp, having a speaker out means you can run it direct into any 8ohm speaker with no soldering or wiring mods, it just needs a new c abinet. There are many mixed reviews about this amp, some say the tu be only works in the gain stage, but when I put in lower value 12au7 tubes it defin itely made the clean channel much quieter, and had little effect on the gain, so I personally fel t the tube was in use on the clean c hannel. For what it's worth I had best results with a M ullard 12AX7
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